The Power of 10: Putting the Miles behind the Smiles

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‘’A 100, a 1000, 10 000 or even a MILLION starts with the Power of 10’’

Michelle Taylor Rebel, Leapfrog Head Office, Training

Earlier this year, in celebration of their 10-year anniversary, Leapfrog Property Group launched its CSR campaign: Leapfrog Smiles to the Power of 10, in partnership with Miles for Smiles (a Cipla Foundation SA initiative), David Grier (extreme adventurer and Miles for Smiles ambassador), and campaign beneficiary, Operation Smile South Africa (OSSA).

The goal: To raise enough funds to sponsor 100 surgeries for those who were born with, or suffer from cleft lips or palates, a condition that one child is born with every 3 minutes, of which 1 and 10 will sadly pass away by their first birthday.

The concept of the Power of 10 was birthed from the notion that it is so much easier to achieve the extraordinary, when we partner with like-minded passionate individuals, to the benefit of the greater cause. It is one person’s commitment to lasting and impactful change that ripples out to enthuse 10 more, a 100 more, and eventually a million more! And that same commitment will surely lead to changing the lives of even a million people!


Coincidentally, OSSA also celebrated their 10-year anniversary last year, and similarly, David Grier has been running for Cipla Foundation’s Miles for Smiles cause for the past decade as well. Watch the campaign video here (or click on the image below):


The Move of the Power of 10

When thinking about the celebrations surrounding their 10-year anniversary, Leapfrog asked themselves the question that is posed to many a 10-year old: ‘’What do we want to do when we grow up?’’

The answer was simple: ‘’To continue pioneering the extraordinary, by joining forces with the extraordinary!’’

To date, the Group has, through the commitment of its agents and employees, raised close to R250 000 for this initiative (view continued fund growth here) through various events and fundraising initiatives.

But the Power of 10 is about so much more than just one person or one entity, and right now our campaign and corporate partners are all playing a role in personifying the Power of 10:

Operation Smile South Africa’s #35SmilesIn 35Days

Operation Smile celebrates 35 years of medical service this year. The challenge: to raise funds for #35SmilesIn35Days.

The campaign launched on Friday, 6 October on Expresso (SABC2) to coincide with World Smile Day. Learn more by visiting the campaign site. You can also watch their campaign video by clicking on the image on the left).


STBB Annual Mountain Bike Challenge and David Grier 

National law firm STBB’s annual STBB4GOOD Twilight Run on 20 October and STBB4GOOD MTB Challenge on 21 October are also in support of Miles for Smiles and in aid of Operation Smile.

STBB4GOODThey are also linking these events to Miles for Smiles ambassador and extreme athlete David Grier’s own #35SmilesIn35Days campaign in which he plans to run up Table Mountain (Table Mountain Aerial Cableway ) for 35 consecutive days!

On 21 October, day 16 of his challenge, he will be running the 60km route of the STBB4good MTB Challenge alongside the mountain bikers, before his Table Mountain run!

David Grier

“Try ten times harder and you might be successful, but with ten times the passion, you WILL make a difference.’’ – David Grier, Miles for Smiles

Leapfrog Smiles: To the Power of 10

Leapfrog Property Group, also enjoys longstanding corporate ties with STBB, and is enthusiastically supporting these various events, which are raising funds for the same cause that the property Group’s own CSR initiative is centred around.

The Leapfrog Stellenbosch Office will also be hosting a watering point at the STBB4GOOD MTB Challenge on 21 October.

Please visit our campaign website  to learn more about this initiative.

Join in on the social conversation with: #MilesForSmiles #LeapfrogSmiles to the #PowerOf10


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